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Rubber Roller For Textile Industries in Ahmedabad

Rubber Roller & Ebonite Rollers Manufacturers in Ahmedabad


Manufacruting Various Type Of Rubber Rollers By Us For Rextile Cotton & Silk Cloth Process & Denim Process Machines As Under:

  • Dyeing Mangle M/c.(Top, Bottom Anti deflection Roller & Drive Roller)
  • Sneter M/c.(Top, Bottom Drive Roller & Guide Roller)
  • Denim Sizing M/c.(Top, Equiv-Pressure Rubber Roller & Bottom Anti Deflection Tubber Roller & S.S. Fluted Roller)
  • Dyeing Range M/c.(Top Rubber Roller & Bottom Ebonite Roller)
  • Yarn & Cloth Mercerizer M/c (Top & Bottom Nip Roller & Tank Roller)
  • Soapper M/c.
  • Dyeing Jigger M/c. (Ebonite & Rubber Roller)
  • Jumbo Jigger M/c. (Ebonite & Rubber Roller)
  • Share-Shakker M/c. ( main Pressing Roller Roller)
  • Sizing Mc (Press Rubber Roller & Steel Roller)
  • Flat-Bed Printing M/c. ( main/Dummy Ebonite Roller & Rubber Pressure Roller)
  • Rotary Priting M/c. ( Pressure Rubber Roller & Rubber Exposing Tube)
  • Bleaching M/c. (Squeezing Rubber & Ebonite Rubber)
  • Silicate M/c. (Rubber, P.U., Ebonite & Steel Roller)

Equiv-Pressure Rubber Roller


Also We are Specialize Mfg. Of Equiv-Pressure rubber roller for Even Squeezing in Denim Sizing Machines.

Anti Deflection Rubber Roller


We are Specialize Mfg. Of Anti Deflection Rubber Roller for even Squeezing in cotton & Silk Cloth Process Machines.

Steel Roller & Fluted Roller


We have Specialty Mfg. Of S.S. Fluted Roller, Steel Roller & M.s. Roller for Denim & Other plants. Roller Mfg. Capacity Upto Ø1000mmm & Length 6000mm.

Rubber Sleeve & Rubber Expander Roller


Is used for removing Crease & Mounting the Tension. We are expert in Mfg. Of this Type of ex-pander roller with good quality of rubber sleeve & inside Technical design for less Maintenance with Wall & base Mounting Self adjustable pedestal with warm Wheel We are able to Mfg Size UP to 6'' Q & length up to 5000mm

Scroll Roller


Different type of Scroll Roller Mfg. by Us In Ebonite S.S., Aluminium Quality Scroll Roller is used for removing crease, spreading the roll & mounting the tension in cloth.

Glue Spreader Rubber Roller


On base off aluminium specially use in rotary M/c. for spreading the glue on surface of the cloth.

Inflatable Rubber Rube (Air Bag)


Specially use for screen rotary M/c for screen exposing purchase in excellent quality rubber tube is available in all repeat size link 640, 820, 914. Etc.

Brush Roller


Brush Roller: is one of the important product in textile for cleaning purpose of the cloth to remove extra particles & dust various type & size of brush in brush roller mfg by us.

Silicone Rubber Roller


Is Use specialize M/c. in textile like smoke M/c. tickly M/c & foil printing M/c Leo make high temp. Resistance silicone rubber roller in all degree of hardness.

EPDM Rubber Roller


EPDM Rubber Roller For textile and special purpose

Synthetic Rubber Roller


High abrasive & Chemical rasistance Synthetic Rubber Roller for soaper M/C in Textile Industries.

Ebonite Roller


Ebonite Rollers for flate bed M/C Main Drive Roller